Anna University Internal Marks – UG/PG Examinations

Anna University Internal Marks for Affiliated Colleges - Nov/Dec 2019 Examinations Published. Students are requested to download STUCOR App from the playstore to check their Internals.

How to check Anna University Internals?

  1. Download STUCOR App from Playstore

  2. Go to Internal Marks Section in STUCOR App

  3. Enter your Register Number


Total Semester Marks = Internal Marks (20) + External Marks (80)

How Internal Marks are generated?

Anna University Internal Marks are calculated based on the marks scored by the students in Cycle Test I, Cycle Test II, Model Examination [Assessment Marks] & Attendance. These marks & attendance of the students are uploaded in the Controller of Examinations portal by the respective college admin or subject handling faculty.

These CT & Model Examination marks are then converted to out of 15 & Attendance is then converted to out of 5. Then these numbers are added together which will be your Internal Marks.

When Anna University Internal Marks be published?

Every semester Anna University Internal Marks be published before few days of the commencement of Semester Examination. Students will be notified via STUCOR App once the Internal Marks are released.

How to change Internal Marks?

Internal Marks could be changed or modified only if Cycle Test I/II or Model Examination or Attendance is changed by the faculty in the Controller of Examinations portal. If any students feel discrepancy in their Internal Marks they can contact the subject handling faculty for any clarification.