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ENIGMA - SSN College of Engineering - ECE | Chennai

  • SSN College of Engineering Old Mahabalipuram Road Chennai, TN India (map)
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ENIGMA - "Behind Every Code Is An Enigma". Enigma is a semi technical event set in a tech savvy environment filled with riddles. Solve individual puzzles to crack the code, which will lead you to your next puzzle, all while racing against the clock.

About the Event: 

The participants will be asked to solve a given set of puzzles or riddles. The output will give a code to unlock the mystery box which contains the clue for the next task. There are four intermediate tasks to be completed in order to reach the final stage. The final stage involves designing a digital circuit to crack the winning ENIGMA code. The winner will be selected based on time management and logic used in solving the puzzles.

Best Performers will be offered Internship interviews by Mr.Cooper

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