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Composite Pre-form Formation Techniques and its Characterization for General Engineering, Armour and Aerospace Applications | St.Peter's College of Engineering and Technology - Chennai

  • St.Peter's College of Engineering and Technology Avadi Chennai, TN, 600054 India (map)
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Composite materials have large scale commercial applications in marine applications, aerospace, automotive, marine, sporting goods, infrastructure, energy storage, biomedical etc. In the recent years, the development of new and improved composites manufacturing processes has caused unlimited product development opportunities. The subject of manufacturing will be dealt within the frame work of composite materials. The design portion includes an explanation of the concepts involved in the detailed design analysis of composites. Concepts of mechanics needed to translate into a mathematical representation of the physical reality through boundary value problems by using commercial Finite Element Analysis software. Participants will be able to extend the capabilities of ANSYS by use of ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL). This course will cover the manufacturing and product development knowledge related to composites.

  • Introduction to Composite Materials

  • Basics and Fundamentals.

  • Materials used in Composites .

  • Engineering applications of Composite Materials.

  • Manufacturing techniques for Polymer Matrix Composites.

  • Metal Matrix Composites and Ceramic Matrix Composites .

  • Testing and Characterization of Composites.

  • Mechanics of Composite Materials.

  • Hands on training on preparation of Natural fibre Composites using Hand Layup Technique

  • Live demonstration on Preparation of Metal Matrix Composites using Bottom Pouring Type Stir Casting Machine.